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Fresh Lei Stand

Handmade with ALOHA  

Ka Mahina o Mei - Lei fundraiser!

Mahalo for considering ordering with Teva Oriata! We appreciate and are grateful for your orders. All profits will go towards improving curriculum, culture enrichment activities, and purchasing costumes / implements. 


Lei in Hawai'i or Hei in Tahiti is a handmade adornment given as a sentiment to a loved one. Lei are typically woven using natural twine to bind ferns and flowers, and rest on your po'o (head) or 'a'i (neck), carrying with it the love of the lei-maker.  At T.O. our students and instructors practice traditional lei and costume-making passed down by our teachers. Both the fresh and artificial lei below will be made using lei wili (entwining) techniques.

Click on the photos for more detail about each option before ordering



IMG_1879 2.jpg

Ti leaf varieties

Portland haku

Perfect for graduation or any occasion! Please order minimum 1 week ahead or as early as possible. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 5:30-8p are preferred pick-up days, but other days may be requested. Ti leaf orders have to be placed at least 1.5 weeks in advanced.
Your order will be confirmed within 3 business days.

Mahalo and Māuruuru roa to our 2021 fundraiser supporters/recipients!

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