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The more you dance, the more you save!  Join us!

Teva Oriata offers a complimentary trial class to all interested students.  We offer 3 monthly packages depending on the frequency of classes per week. Tuition is due monthly on the first of each month. 

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You don't need to necessarily only register for one class, we just ask which class you're interested in on the registration to prepare our instructors to know how many incoming students they will potentially have. With the $65 option in October you could attend one hula class and one ori class OR 2 ori classes OR 1 hula class and 1 poi class OR any combination of 2 classes per week you'd like! Or dance 4 days a week/all classes every week for $75 a month. For beginners we have many of them doing the hula basics and beginner ori classes together to see both styles at its basic level here at T.O. We have an app to help instructors/upo'o keep track of how many classes you attend each week.

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Questions about technique, choreography, or dancing tips? We're here to help you feel confident in your dancing and make sure you're heading strong in the right direction. Individualize your learning to fast-track results. 1-hour, one-on-one private lessons to current students are offered at $60 per session. Private lessons to non-current students are $80 an hour.

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