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About Teva Oriata

We are the dancers of the rain and clouds...



Our name:

Teva is the name of the Tahitian chief foretold to be born in rain and wind. Where ever Teva went, so did the wind and the rain. Thus, the same applies to Oregon's only Tahitian dance troupe and it's dancers; we are the Tevas, people of the calming and graceful rain yet strong and moving wind.  


Oriata is the dance of the clouds.  From towering storm clouds to fluffy white zephyrs, the Pacific Northwest is constantly draped in the gorgeous grey, red, and orange coverings that keep our climate cool and green. 



The large and diverse Oregon state is the only west coast state without a traditional pupu ori (Tahitian dance group). Teva Oriata is a dance school created from Angie's dream to share her passion of the Tahitian culture and beauty to the pacific northwest.  

With the sounds of the pahu drums and toere, the students will learn the physically challenging yet elegant dances of Tahiti.  Students will learn the art and culture through traditional costume making, immersion in the language, and the true sense of arofa. Arofa/Aloha is the Polynesian expression of love. The word is a way of life that encompasses the affection, respect, and love that we have for one another, and the goal is to instill these values into all of the students. Development of camaraderie and respect with their fellow dance feti'i (family) is inevitable and encouraged.  

Through dedication and commitment, the dancers will gain strength, discipline, and confidence. Most of all, students will develop and share the same passion for what they work so hard and fondly at.  

We are not a production company. Students will be taught traditionally, not expeditiously to force performing. Performances are encouraged, not required. 

Tahitian dancing is a great workout, entertaining, and most of all fun! Haere mai! Come and join us. 

Testimonials from dancers

I'm simply honored to be a part of Teva Oriata. In just a few months, these women have become my dance family. Angie is a superb teacher, who so artfully and gracefully combines strength and beauty in her dance. Her inspiring passion for Polynesian culture feeds her endless patience and attention to her students of all ages. It is truly an experience; one I recommend for those new to dance and seasoned dancers alike. Mauruuru!

- C.B.

My daughter loves her class and her teacher Angie! It's a great atmosphere and good people.

- A.J.

Dancing with the ladies (and gentleman) of Teva Oriata is something I look forward to every week. From the very beginning everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. Moving to a new city can be scary and the sense of community I feel with T.O. is amazing. Angie is such a good teacher and a beautiful dancer. I'm so happy to be a part of Teva Oriata!

- H.Y.

I am so happy I found Teva Oriata! Angie is such a great instructor. The classes are fun and challenging, prepare to get a great work out. Everyone is super welcoming and I felt right at home immediately. I would highly recommend trying out these classes or hiring the dance troupe for an event. They are such beautiful dancers that can compliment any event from weddings to corporate events.

- W.G.

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