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Ra'atira - Owner, choreographer, costume desginer

Angelica Jackman
Angie Jackman
Angie Jackman

Angie Jackman


I have been a dancer for over 35 years now, 28 of that professionally/competitively. Being born and raised on the island of Oahu, I was surrounded by the vibrant and colorful culture of Polynesia. Learned hula in elementary school weekly. I started my strict hula training with Hula Halau O' Kamuela under the direction of Kumu Hula Paleka Mattos and at the time Alaka'i Kau'ionalani. For the next two years the halau or group entered in the Keiki Hula Competitions where we had taken overall winnings, placing 1st in all categories.  After a highly competitive and disciplined start to my dancing career, I wanted to become grounded in the Hawaiian culture and learn more about the roots and meaning to the dances I have learned to love.  The next couple of years were spent studying hula under the direction of Kumu Hula Macey Hoakalei Hina Kamau'u, whose hula lineage comes from Mary Kewena Pukui. 

During high school, my body had the need for a faster pace movement and I joined my first Tahitian dance group Te Vai Ura Nui under the direction of Cathy and Charlie Ara'i Paheo Temanaha. With Te Vai Ura Nui I was captivated by the art and culture by hearing the Tahitian language, learning the competitive side of ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), and I also traveled to Tahiti for further cultural immersion.  I attended various workshops given by Tahiti's well-known Ra'atira Makau Foster and her daughter Kohai from Tamariki Poerani.  With Te Vai Ura Nui I also learned the entertainment/production side of Polynesian dancing by performing at many different malls, parties, and festivals.  With them, I learned dances of Tahiti, Samoa, and New Zealand.  In 2004, I joined Tahiti To'a under the direction of Maeva and Elton Goo. With Tahiti To'a I was fortunate enough for Maeva to see the strength and dedication I had as a dancer, that she had bestowed unto me the responsibility of teaching the dance group.  I also learned the professionalism aspect of dancing when we were contracted with the Marriot in Waikiki to perform shows on a weekly basis.  With Tahiti To'a I learned the beautiful art of costume making and design.  Unfortunately, due to my demanding college career, I left Tahiti To'a to finish my bachelor degrees.  


During my time in college, I expanded my dancing repertoire and joined the dance team under Roxanne Blumerick.  With her I learned and performed jazz and contemporary numbers, and most importantly learned to express my passion more aggressively yet gracefully and controlled.  After completion of my degrees I joined Ma'ohi Nui under the direction of Mervin Lilo and Agnes Matila Manuma.  With Ma'ohi Nui I participated in competitions, performances, costume making, workshops, and intense 'ori training.  


In 2012, I moved from Oahu to Portland, OR and noticed right away the lack of any Tahitian groups.  In 2013, I joined a Vancouver, WA group Ora Nui under the direction of Roxie Gabriel and Charlie Okada.  However, in 2014 I decided it was time for the beautiful state of Oregon to have its own pupu ori (Tahitian dance group) to be proud of and I founded Teva Oriata Polynesian Dance Troupe.  


I am very excited to share my passion and love for the Polynesian culture with the pacific northwest. Teva Oriata actively trains, performs, and competes, with students of all experience levels, both male and female.  This couldn’t have been possible without the countless blessings and tremendous support I’ve had from family and friends and of course the very diverse and wonderfully friendly people of Oregon.  Thank you for your time. 


Resume:  Dancer/performer/instructor/owner

Year - Genre - Group - Director

1995-1998 - Hula - Hula Halau O' Kamuela - Paleka Leinaala Mattos

1998-2000 - Hula - Hoakalei Hina - Macey Kamau'u

2000-2004 - Tahitian - Te Vai Ura Nui - Cathy and Charles Temanaha

2004-2006 - Tahitian - Tahiti Toa - Maeva Goo

2006-2007 - Jazz/Contemporary - Chaminade University - Roxy Blumerick

2007-2010 - Tahitian - Ma'ohi Nui - Agnes Matila Manuma

2012-2013 - Tahitian - Ora Nui - Roxy Gabriel & Charlie Okada

2014-present - Tahitian – founded Teva Oriata Polynesian Dance Troupe


2017 - 1st place winners of Hula Wahine group division - Hapa Haole Hula Competition - 3 Days of Aloha Festival

2020 - 1st place age category and 5th place overall solo competition - 'Ori 'Ori-lympic

2020 - 2nd place age category, solo competition - Heiva i San Francisco 

2020 - 2nd place age category, solo competition - Ma'ohi 'O Patitifa

2021 - 3rd place age category, 'Aparima, 'arearea solo competition - 'Ori 'Ori-lympic

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