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Artificial Lei (Hei) Po'o

LooksFresh Lei

$70 for color specific lei

A special gift that lasts! Wear an artificial lei po'o as many times as you want, or use as a beautiful center piece, memorabilia, and/or decor. A dancers favorite accessory for use in performances.  Withstands climate/season changes, versatile storing.  All silk flowers and foliage materials purchased at local craft stores, weaved wili style with natural color raffia banding. 

Available in all colors! We will do our best to match the color and type in your request. Use of artificial tropical flowers will be prioritized on your order, subject to availability. Once you fill out the form we will contact you for confirmation.


Lei are most appealing when a variety of 2-3 colors are used.

Lau (Greenery/Foliage):

A variety of silk ferns, ti leaf, Song of India, variegated leaves, crotons, and deep colored leaves can be used.  Greenery is needed for stability and support for delicate flowers.  

Only available for in-studio pick-up. No shipping available.

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