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Practice Attire and Uniform

We dance together as one...

Long hair should be up in a bun or short hair pulled back into a pony tail for all practices. Please come to the studio with hair already up. Neutral perfumes, lotions, and/or deodorants. 

Black full pareo - $17

Beginner and Intermediate vahine learn how to roll-tie their pareo, a common and much needed skill for dancers and performers.  The rolled pareo will give dancers the added weight of the fabric around the entire hip. 


Advanced vahine flat tie their pareo to exagerate and perfect the movements naturally.

Custom fit and sewn hula pa'u - $48

Traditional practice pa'u with 6 levels of support banding are the uniform for all hula levels. Please expect an average of 3 weeks for the custom pa'u skirt to be received after purchase. 

Class pa'u skirt pattern subject to change upon availability of fabric.

T.O. Poi-All photos-17570752943.jpg
Custom length and braided poi 

$8 for short poi

$12 for long adult or keiki poi

Traditionally braided cording and soft to solid poi, and full tassels handmade by instructor Marama. Practice poi can be of any color cording, however performing poi is red/black/white.

Tops - Black top for practice

Tiare, tanks, etc.


Tiare (plain) - $5

Racer back tank - $18

Muscle tank - $18

Crew Sweater - $26

Ask about available gear

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