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Fresh Ti Leaf (La'i) Lei and Haku

Single strand twist- $12
Double strand twist - $18
Single Maile style - $30
Double Maile style - $40
Maile style double with flowers* - $45
Haku - $45 each
Haku with flowers/móre* - $58
*not all colors of flowers available

Simple and long-lasting, this closed or open-ended lei la'i is often given for good luck. The ancient Hawaiians believed that the la'i possessed healing powers and offered protection against evil. Ti leaves are carefully braided to create a remarkably sturdy lei. Haku are intricately braided using cotton fabric for wearing comfort. Lei and haku can be dried for long-lasting memorabilia. Móre (dried hibiscus bark) can be added for a more masculine look or various colors can be added to represent the graduates school! 

Classic style ti leaf twist
Portland Candy lei
Portland Candy lei
Maile style ti leaf twist with flower

Flowers typically available in purple, pink, yellow, and white


Single maile style


Double maile style

Haku Varieties
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Māuruuru roa to our happy ti leaf customers!

Haku vs Lei po'o?  With haku the leaves are braided to form a head piece versus a lei po'o is woven around a head piece (usually with raffia). Haku has a longer shelf life than lei po'o when made without flowers.

*only seasonal flowers offered - pick top 2 color preferences

** All haku will be braided with matching green cotton 

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